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In today’s weddings market it can sometimes feel bewildering as to the best way to attract and convert new wedding customers. Is it better to focus on social media and website promotion, or is there still a role for more traditional forms of advertising? How reliable are the claims from magazine advertisers, directories and show organisers about the effectiveness of their services? Does a supplier need to spend lots of money on paid advertising to be successful in the current climate?

Set against these often conflicting choices the new What Brides Want information service offers some welcome respite and guidance for UK wedding suppliers. Using our wide experiences of the industry we have launched a truly independent and continuous survey of bridal opinion which focuses exclusively on the purchase decision process. Hundreds of brides have already contributed their views!

We look closely at the influences affecting modern brides in their search for suppliers and the sources of information they say are most useful and effective. The results provide a beacon of light for newer wedding suppliers or those keen to improve their marketing and advertising decision making in 2020 and beyond.

Start thinking like a bride!

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A 12-month subscription to What Brides Want is only £60. The service is operated by password with the results presented in 'real time' as new brides complete the survey. Subscribers also receive quarterly survey reports containing further expert analysis and marketing tips. A 25% discount is available to members of the Wedding Industry Supplier Network.

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