What Brides Want

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is market research important?
It provides the foundations for making better informed business decisions. Even if you have a brilliant wedding service or product its important that your marketing is pointing in the right direction. Think of market research as a way to navigate your business in a competitive market place. The aim of WBW is to become the #1 source of continuous marketing research for the wedding industry.

Why does the survey focus on brides?
Having previously registered thousands of couples for our voucher scheme we found the bride-to-be is still the lead researcher in the planning process of most weddings. That's not to say grooms are not important but simply that we want to focus on brides first. Follow-up surveys with grooms and same-sex couples may follow.

What is different about What Brides Want?
Unlike most wedding research you will comes across which is conducted after the wedding when recall is more hazy, our survey focuses on brides who are actively planning their wedding. We believe this provides a more reliable, 'real-time' understanding of the purchase process. Plus we focus more questions on why customers choose certain wedding suppliers over others and what are the things that will improve the chances of selection. 

The other big difference is that we include unedited OPEN comments from brides themselves on their advice for new wedding suppliers.
Where do you get the brides from?
The survey is promoted extensively through our website, Google and a range of different online and social media channels to ensure wider coverage than research conducted by wedding directories. 

How reliable is the information?
We pride ourselves on being the only independent source of marketing data for the wedding industry. Because the survey is not tied to any wedding directory, show organiser or media publisher, we find that our survey profile is more consistent with official ONS wedding statistics. With over a quarter of a million weddings each year in the UK, we now have over two thousand completed responses which is sufficient to provide statistically meaningful insights. By the end of 2020 What Brides Want will have become the largest ongoing wedding survey for the UK.

Does the survey cover same-sex couples?
We don't ask this or specifically target same-sex respondents as the main aim of the survey is to provide a broad view of the current market. While more than 97% of weddings are between heterosexual couples (source: ONS), the number of same-sex weddings is likely to increase in the future.

Who will benefit the most from What Brides Want?
It will be of particular use to those newer wedding suppliers who are looking to get a foothold in the wedding industry. It will also help more established suppliers check that their current marketing planning is still relevant for the digital era.

Will it be useful for specialist wedding suppliers?
Most wedding suppliers we meet offer a wide range of services/products so they can cater for a range of wedding budgets and circumstances. Our survey reflects this mainstream approach, but we are able to conduct further analysis in the quarterly reports which looks at the questions in more detail, e.g. by wedding budget, respondent age and social media use.

How much is it and how long does a subscription last?
Subscription is £60 and gives twelve months acess to the survey, reports and blog.

How do I subscribe?
Simply click on the subscription link below. As part of the registration you will be asked to confirm your Email and to create a Password so that you can log-in each time.

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